V času pred božičnimi prazniki smo naše dopisne prijatelje  iz Přeštic na Češkem presenetili z zanimivo čestitko – sestavljenko, ki je prispela ravno ob pravem času. Naši prijatelji so se je zelo razveselili.

Preberite si odlomek iz zahvale  in čestitke njihove mentorice, gospe Olge Volfove Naxerove:

Thank you very much for your wonderful Christmas puzzle! It is so nice idea, we unpacked it today with our participants and had lot of fun with it! It wasn’t easy to coordinate all the kids with the letters on their decorations, but we finally managed! We put the puzzle into our English class and tomorrow all the decorations are going home together with their owners 🙂 I enclose some pictures for you. We really appreciate your special Christmas project, thank you very much for it once more! We wish you wonderful Christmas time and all the best to the New Year 2019.

With best regards,

Olga, Lenka and all from Přeštice

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