Skoči na glavno vsebino

V torek, 20. 12. 2022, so si nekateri osmošolci in devetošolci v KD Krško ogledali gledališko predstavo v angleškem jeziku, ki je nastala po literarni predlogi Charlesa Dickensa. Pred predstavo so si ogledali tudi istoimenski film in tako spoznali življenje revežev in bogatašev v 19. stoletju.

                                                                                                   Rebeka Žnideršič in Andreja Rihter

Na spodnji povezavi si lahko ogledate delčke predstave:

I really liked the story Oliver Twist which was written by Charles Dickens. Before the performance we watched a film. I liked the play better because it was more fun and interesting to watch than the film. The story takes place in the 19th century London. At that time – the beginning of the industrialization – it was hard to live in cities. The story is about a boy called Oliver. His mother got pregnant and she wasn’t married, so she was thrown out of home. Sadly, she died giving birth to Oliver. The poor boy grew up in a workhouse where he starved and needed to work hard. One day he ran away to London. His life didn’t get any better. An old man named Fagin gave him food and let him stay at his place. But he had to learn to steal with some other boys. While two boys were teaching him to steal, Oliver was caught. Mr Brownlow who saw everything told the police about Oliver’s innocence and took him home to live with him. Oliver was finally happy. One day Nancy and Bill took him back to Fagin and his gang. They treated Oliver badly, so Nancy decided to inform Mr Brownlow how to find him. Bill found out about Nancy’s plan and murdered her. He ended up in jail and Fagin was getting hanged. Before his execution he said that Mr Brownlow was Oliver’s grandfather and that he was the real killer and was responsible for Oliver’s mother’s death.

Žana Geršak

We liked the play, but we both think there was too much screaming. It was a little different from the movie we watched earlier. We expected a worse ending, but we were sad that Nancy died. The role of Oliver was played by a female and it seemed strange. We liked the costumes and the fact that they were very creative.

Tina Štorman in Ana Dimec

We really liked the play because we could understand it easily. People on the stage were really good actors and the person who played the role of Fagin was the best. We were surprised when Fagin was killed. The play had a big plot twist but we loved it. We enjoyed every moment of the play and we would rate it 10/10.

Manca Avsec in Ana Škrabar

Last Tuesday we went to the theatre to watch a play Oliver Twist. It was a very good play performed by the American Drama Theatre. In the middle of the play an actor rushed into the theatre, spoke to someone, and then went back. We liked the play. The actors were amazing.

Jan Mlakar in Urban Dobravc

The play was alright. We didn’t expect it to be a musical. We were shocked and sad that Nancy died. She was our favourite character. We also didn’t expect Mr Brownlow to be Oliver’s grandfather. We didn’t like Bill. Fagin was OK, but we liked Dodger. Oliver was annoying, even ungrateful and we didn’t like his character. The actor who played Fagin was very attractive. We think everyone got what they deserved except Nancy. Nancy was an icon.

Iva Pika Sirk in Manca Vučajnk

We went to see Oliver Twist. We expected and amazing play because we had watched a film before the play. The play was splendid. We enjoyed every second of it. The actors were amazing. We think they were British.

Patrik Planinc in Gaj Ojsteršek

We liked the play Oliver Twist. The woman playing the role of Oliver was a great actress. Other women played the role of men as well. We would recommend the play to others.

Jakob Mlakar, Žan Povše

I enjoyed the play. It was way more fun watching it than having lessons. I really liked the scene when Fagin was hanged. The scene where Bill beat Nancy to death for snitching was good. But I didn’t like the scene lights. They were way too bright. I would rate the play 9 out of 10 because it was sometimes a bit hard to follow.

Kristjan Meserko

On the twentieth of December we watched a play Oliver Twist. Oliver Twist was a boy who lived in 19th century London. Back then London wasn’t anything like we know it today. The difference between the rich and the poor was greater than ever before. You can get a glimpse of that in the film / play we watched. At the time of the film /play, Oliver was only nine years old. Born as an orphan, as his mother died giving birth, he never knew his father. Oliver lived and worked in a workhouse, an institution for the poorest people of that time. One hopeless day he decided to escape to London. Surprisingly, the city wasn’t anything he thought it would be. Soon after his arrival to London, he met a boy called Dodger who then took him to an old man named Fagin. They taught him how to steal. At his attempt to steal he was arrested by the police. A wealthy man named Mr Brownlow decided to take him home and give him shelter. Sadly, Oliver got taken by the gang members back to Fagin. As the story progresses we find out that Oliver is Mr Brownlow’s lost grandchild. The movie ends with Fagin being executed and Oliver returning to his grandfather.  Our group preferred the film as it is easier to understand and more convincing.

Kiara Janjanin, Vita Omerzel, Uma Učakar, Žana Živič

… However, I personally enjoyed the play more. I would describe it as a much more remarkable experience. The costumes were really accurate and I really liked the actors and actresses’ English. However, at times the play was a bit challenging to understand because of the lack of equipment and props.

Kiara Janjanin

On Tuesday 20th December we watched a play Oliver Twist. Before watching the play we saw a film at school. While in the film the story is told from Oliver’s point of view, the play gives Fagin’s point of view. Fagin tries to convince the audience that he is not the worst criminal, but it’s the system of that time which starves and overworks children. And at the end of the story, Fagin says that the story of Oliver Twist is full of death.

Luka Oljača, Žiga Milar

On 20th December we watched a play Oliver Twist. The show is about a boy called Oliver. His unmarried mother was pregnant and her father didn’t approve of it, so she was kicked out of her home. As she was about to give birth she realized she needed help and knocked on some house’s door. Sadly, she died giving birth, so Oliver was taken to the workhouse where he starved and worked hard. He escaped and made friends with a boy he met in the street. The boy was a thief and he took Oliver to his gang. When they were stealing Oliver got caught. A nice old man offered him to stay at his house. The man was in fact Oliver’s granddad. He asked Oliver to go to the bookshop to return a book and buy a new one. On his way to the bookshop Oliver was kidnapped by the gang. They tried to kill him, but Nancy tried to save him. Nancy went to the old man’s house to apologize for kidnapping Oliver. Nancy was killed by her boyfriend Bill because she betrayed the gang. Oliver’s grandfather found Oliver and took him to live with him again. I really enjoyed the show. I liked it more than the film.

Nika Vintar